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Excerpt from Heartsnatcher by Boris Vian (1953)

on nothingness

on nothingness (2016) is an experimental research project that originated out of a fascination with the paradoxical concept of ‘the wall of nothingness’ in Boris Vian's novel Heartsnatcher (1953). The project's aim is to draw a broad portrait of nothingness through the participation of a diverse range of people. We were interested in the relationship between words, meanings and translations and we wanted  to explore how they impact visual and conceptual representation of nothingness, offering a philosophical journey through those intangible ideas.

on nothingness uses and celebrates the concept of collective intelligence that can be related to the essence of virtual communities by gathering audio-visual content from participants from all around the world. It celebrates the diversity of languages, cultures and opinion by encouraging people to engage with a subject that might initially appear as meaningless but did generate a great engagement and diverse responses from the participants.

The project is ongoing and its form is fluid: in the past it has been a website, an installation as well as a number of videos edits. Recently, an edit has been made for EastCast, a radio show broadcasted on Resonance FM in May 2021 - available here.

in collaboration with Viktorija Zilinskaite & Elina Muceniece

5min of nothingness

edited version for an exhibition at The Old Police Station, London (Spring 2017)

... and the first version of this project (2015)

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