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BLIND SIGHT_edited.jpg

University of Westminster, 2015

the blind sight

In a world where we are constantly surrounded by images, the blind sight (2015) aimed to call upon the imagination of the participants and the audience as well as highlighling the intangible power of words and sounds.

The first blind sight exploration invited participants to submit a text describing a location of their choice that was recorded with an actor (Matthew Kaltenborn) and that was then proceeded with an ambient soundscape. The audience would sit down and cut itself from the world with headphones and opaque black goggles (not to be confused with a VR system). In this piece, the 'movement' in space would be suggested by the soundscape, allowing the audience to virtually or psychically explore spaces whilst remaining stationary. The audio used stereo sound to create an immersive sensorial experience developed  with the idea in mind to transfer this concept to a physical venue with the use of a surround sound system.


the blind sight refers to the work process established to research and document a broad spectrum of opinion on contemporary issues. It aims to virtually (in the work) and physically (as an extension of the work) create a dialogue between divergent opinions and experiences. The outcome being an immersive sound installation that would bring different voices into a mutual space where they may not have necessarily been heard together. Introduced with a seemingly neutral topic, it could be applied to more controversial issues.

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