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University of Westminster, 2019

on sleep

on sleep (2019) is an open-ended research project that celebrates the diversity of languages, cultures and opinion by encouraging people to engage with a seemingly neutral/universal subject - a process that seems to be a natural template for my work.

For this version of the project, 19 stories about sleep and dreams were collected from relatives and people who responded to one of the multiple ads posted on different Facebook and Reddit groups. The recordings were presented in a sound installation (6 channels) -  an invitation to movement. The participants are nudged, by the bed-like structure, to be an active listener and to physically explore the piece. By going from one speaker to the other, the participants have the possibility of creating their own narrative. They can hear the individual conversations or step back and listen to the general chatter. The project is in other words a psycho-physical space that will ideally extend to the audience as they walk around the room and the conversation will by its nature, carry on beyond the psychical borders of the work.

In addition to this, a book was printed with transcripts of all the texts, the unchanged distorted transcripts produced by an automated software. A curiously poetic read that is even more relevant in a project about the surprising language of sleep and dreams.

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