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la yourte d'écoute

Topatopia festival 2022

the listening yurt

Created to be broadcasted in a yurt at the Topatopia festival 2022 in Cambo, we recorded around fifteen participants talking about their relationship with music, emotions, creativity, language, education and feminism.

The two hours non linear piece played in a loop aimed to allow the audience to freely enter and exit. In order to reproduce the experience outside the yurt's physical space, Julien Abbadie created a website where you can start listening to the project at a random point.


In September 2023, we renewed the experience and focused on the theme of danse, exploring the ideas of dancing for ourselves, with and in front of others, the relationship to music, body, cultures, identity and politics.

Two new projects are in production for Topatopia 2024.

in collaboration with Morgane Villenave

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